November 12

My alarm clock went off at 7 AM, just like usual for a school day. I checked the weather, it was a pretty average day for November. I got out of bed and got dressed, then headed downstairs to eat breakfast with my mom.

My mom asked me about school and my homework, as she cooked some eggs on the stove. I told her about how I had a research paper for AP Government due pretty soon, but I hadn't started it yet... Oops. Luckily my mom is cool and doesn't get on my back about stuff like that. I started thinking about possible paper topics and was bouncing some ideas off of her. I thought of writing it on the Cold War because we've been learning about that in class recently. Then I heard my bus crunching up my gravel road, and I packed my backpack quickly to catch the bus.

I got on the bus and sat in my usual seat, 6 rows back, left side of the aisle, window seat. I waited for my friends, Carter and Bennett, to get on the bus so we could talk about how we did with Super Smash Bros. last night. I played my best ever last night, almost beating the non-computer player. So I thought I might have been the number one spot in that morning's ranking. I hoped neither of them had done better than me, I haven't been the number one in the rankings for a while. We downloaded Smash at school last week and I've been practicing a lot so I'd be able to beat the guys' scores.

My friends got on the bus, and they walked back towards me, smirking. Carter told me that he beat the whole game last night, and I was so shocked. I didn't believe him til he pulled his phone out and showed me the picture he took of the word WINNER flashing across his laptop screen. Unfortunately, I wasn't going to get the number one ranking that morning. Whenever one of us beats the current game, we always start over with a new one. So we made plans to meet in the library to download a new game onto our laptops during homeroom.

During homeroom I went to the library to get on the computer network and find a new game for us to play. Before searching through files to find a new game, I checked my messages to see if there was anything interesting. Was mostly just school announcements, sports tryouts, and other stuff like that. But one message was from a friend who sent me the file path in the school's directory to a new game he just found. I forwarded the information to Bennett and Carter, and downloaded the game to my laptop. I was super excited to have something new to play, since Carter beat the previous game we were playing.

I sat through 7 boring blocks of classes, and finally got to last block: AP Government. We went to the library as a class to do some research on the school's computer network to help us write our papers. I plugged my laptop into the network cable at a workstation, and started gathering some information to write my paper about the Cold War. I got pretty bored doing that so I started to play this new game instead. I sent a quick message to Carter and Bennett to see if they could get online and play the game with me, since we weren't able to get on the network and play together at home. We played together for the rest of school, and when we got on the bus we talked about our strategies for playing at home that night.

I got home at around 4 PM and spent a few hours playing the game I'd downloaded. I was hoping that I'd be able to beat Carter and Bennett's scores the next morning. It was about 9 PM by the time I remembered I had a paper due tomorrow. I also realized at this time that I hadn't done any research...for the research paper I was supposed to write. I wasted all my time on the computer network at school and now I had no way to get any information. I had to head to the library to find some books on the Cold War so I could write my paper. I was wishing I could just get on the computer network at home, but that's never going to happen.

Anyway, I ended up finding some books on the Cold War at the library and I wrote a pretty bad paper about the Cold War. But I got it done!

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